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This could be one of the most market moving posts on this site for all of 2013:

From CNBC:

It is yet another step in the evolution of the single-family rental market: a new lending platform by one of the biggest names in the trade, Blackstone Group. After investing close to $7 billion in rental properties through its Invitation Homes unit, Blackstone is offering cash to smaller investors wanting to get into the game. The firm is in the closing process on the first deals.

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“The market for financing for small and medium-sized borrowers in the single-family rental space is underserved—they don’t have access to good capital now,” said John Beacham, president of Blackstone’s B2R, a buy-to-rent lending platform.

Blackstone is originating loans of $500,000 to $50 million to small and midsize investors buying a minimum of five single-family rental properties. Each home must be worth at least $50,000, and Blackstone will do a lot of homework, using local appraisers to determine if the property’s cash flow covers the debt service.