Health Reform: NAR President Steve Brown on What You Need to Know | Real Estate Insider News – Real Estate Coaching and Training

Since the federal government enacted health insurance reform in 2010, NAR has put out a considerable amount of information on the law, including on the basics of signing up for insurance under the law based on a one-hour webinar REALTOR® Magazine hosted in early December.

To provide you with additional guidance, NAR President Steve Brown has taped a 10-minute walk-through on what you need to know to meet the law’s mandatory insurance requirement by March 31 unless you meet one of the law’s exceptions.

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It’s a plain-languge walk-through that could answer many of the remaining questions you have on the law. Who needs to have health insurance? What do you do if you already have it? Does your existing insurance meet the law’s requirements? How can you see if you qualify for premium credits, which help reduce the cost of insurance for some households? What’s the difference between a private and a public exchange, and does the difference matter to you?

If you remain unsure what your next step should be now that the clock is ticking toward the March 31 deadline, view the 10-minute video. The goal is is to give you a good idea of what you need to do, based on your current insurance situation The video also directs you to resources for additional help.