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If you are interested in become a HUD listing agent and live in the following states…here is your opportunity. Please note that the online Local Listing Broker (LLB) application for BLB Resources, Inc., corresponding to the HUD M&M 3.5 contract, is now open for the following HUD contract regions/states only: 3S: Arizona 5S: California, Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa 6S: Alaska, Oregon, Washington The application will be available starting January 27, 2014 through February 6, 2014 (1-27-14 – 2-6-14). Please log into the website link below in order to start the registration/application process: Please note that all current […] Click Here To View More

Tim & Julie Harris are proud to announce the launch of “Real Estate Coaching Radio with Tim and Julie Harris“, a new, interactive daily radio show dedicated to helping agents achieve success in the real estate industry. The show schedule starts on Monday, Jan 27th at 12pm (noon) Pacific Time, and will be a daily broadcast feature news, interviews, and lots of agent call-ins. The goal is to provide a casual, community-focused show built around serving agents with useful information they can immediately use to help grow their business & build profitability. We’re proud to invite all agents to join […] Click Here To View More

Brrr. It’s cold outside – still. Winter has been rough for much of the United States, with temperatures plummeting far below normal. Here in San Francisco, where Trulia is headquartered, we’re setting record highs, not lows, but we sympathize with the rest of you. In fact, our economics team hails entirely from the lake-effect snow […] Click Here To View More

Critical question: If you knew of the proven way to build an amazing real estate business WITHOUT ever having to cold much easier, happier and more motivated would you feel everyday? (You must know by now that cold calling if often a complete energy sucking waste of time AND it may even be illegal!) You probably have always suspected that the nations leading 1% of agents know things that the other 99% don’t. Learn now the closely guarded secrets of the nations Superstar Agents. Watch the exclusive FREE ‘Secrets Of The Millionaire Agent’ video. Watch Video NOW.